Engagement for changemakers

We work with purposeful organisations and individuals to catalyse and deepen engagement.

Our work in strategy, facilitation and communications inspires, motivates and involves people in making progress together.

If you’re ready to reimagine the way you engage with change, let’s talk.


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Strategy, Facilitation, Communications

Strategy Exploring and defining purpose

To gain clarity, lead with passion and to focus on what’s most important, we all need insight, guidance and professional support.

Our work in strategy considers the systems within which organisations operate, how to make the most of available networks and resources, and how you can inspire, inform and involve others with your mission.

Facilitation Guiding and enabling connection

Our work facilitating workshops, developing conferences and connecting online communities makes it easier for people to embrace different thinking, to deal with familiar challenges and to create new (and often surprising) opportunities.

Drawing on diverse networks and our experience in collaborative design, writing and project implementation, we can help you reimagine relationships, programs and narratives for more positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Communications Creating and sharing stories

We all need to be understood. In a way, this is the basis of all of our best relationships. This is why stories matter so much. The way we communicate; the language, imagery, media and how it’s shared needs to look, sound and feel authentic.

Your story, your brand, the movement you lead needs to be recognised and understood by those who matter most.

Award-winning communications and design

Since 1998, we have worked with values-focused organisations to create engaging brands, stories, products and experiences. Ecocreative has evolved from our beginnings as a design studio to delivering collaborative, strategic projects with experienced directors, writers and editors, researchers, designers and illustrators, photographers and videographers, web developers and a wide range of creative specialists. 

Our award-winning work includes strategies, projects, campaigns and tools to inform, intrigue, entertain and guide positive behaviour through digital and printed media, at events and in the great outdoors across Australia.

Every project is different and so many have made a difference. Take a look at some of what we’ve done over the years…

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Leading strategic engagement

Matthew Wright-Simon is a creative facilitator and Ecocreative’s principal consultant. His diverse work includes strategy and mentoring, emceeing and facilitation, and the creative direction, design and delivery of persuasive communications, change programs and community resources.

Matthew is enthusiastic about exploring opportunities in our social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges and building creative capacity across organisations and communities — while having as much fun as possible in the process. 

Matthew’s networks are diverse; he connects passionate individuals across not-for-profit organisations, business, government and many professional realms, with an emphasis on sustainability, wellbeing, disability and ageing, social enterprise, education and creative and tech sectors.

In addition to his role with Ecocreative, Matthew is active in networks focused on social enterprise, thought leadership networks and philanthropy.

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