Visualising climate change

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012

Image used via Creative Commons permission by GDS Infographics

Climate change is humankind’s biggest challenge and it presents the world’s most compelling brief for communicators wanting to inspire action.

The immense scale, timelines and science’s rational allowance for ‘uncertainty’ in climate change models don’t make the job any easier. Nor does the exclusion of things like the accelerated melting of permafrost from some climate models due to a lack of consensus.

No, it’s not easy to make sense of complexity. Which is why infographics are such a great way to show, in human terms, what the planet faces now (we’ve already experienced 0.8 degrees of warming in the last hundred years), or 5, 10, 50 years from now.

Climate Change Infographics – Let’s Leap and Look

To start, you might want to check out Doha-era politics of climate change from global climate activists Tck Tck Tck. If a world view is too much, then explore what Americans (and it follows, many other Western nations) believe about human responsibility for climate change. Or, maybe it’s easier to Blame Canada.

GOOD is, ahem, a good place to explore brilliant infographics visualising climate change (or any social, environmental or economic issue, actually. You’ll find a range of quite scary things explored, like the impact of agriculture, energy or wastage on our carbon dioxide emissions. Though it’s not all doom and gloom, of course. There are some ambitious programs underway driving the redesign of human systems, including great initiatives from global environmental consulting firms like Arup turning to infographics to help demonstrate how much better the cities of the future can be for our climate.

When it comes to communicating what it is about us and our behaviour,good and bad, then I can only recommend you surrender yourself to Visual Loop’s Pinterest board. It’s a climate change infographics extravaganza. Anything you especially like? Or is there something they missed?