Education + universities = ?

Posted by on May 13, 2013


Education in Australia is big business. As an export, education is just behind mining and agriculture, though with the high Aussie dollar and the sea of information available to prospective students online, competition abroad has never been so tough.

More and more prospective undergrads are showing interest in sustainability and letting it guide their choice of educational institution. As this market evolves, so too does the opportunity to have unique influence over how we broaden campus experiences, relationships and learnings and, with a bit of luck, how we take students into the wider world, including the corporations that define how so many of us live.

In a recent article for Sustainable Brands – a global platform for sustainability thought leadership  – Ecocreative CEO, Matthew Wright-Simon, wrote about the potential for learning institutions to drive and benefit from a commitment to environmental branding and practices. Current green university league tables and market trends in the US and the UK are analysed from an Australian perspective. And for the most part, the news is good!

Take a look at some of the environmental sustainability and branding work that Ecocreative has developed with educational institutions here.