Blu-Tack, coffee and geocaching

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013


illustration by Aimee Sydney-Jones

Many students wonder what it would be like to do a certain job out in the wide world of work, so to learn about it they go on work experience.

Work experience is when students go out into the workforce and get a taste of what life will be like after they have finished their education. I am Aimee and I did my work experience at Ecocreative. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in on the 5th of August, but I have enjoyed my experience very much.

One of the main tasks I performed during the week was putting printouts of projects to be edited, onto the walls of the office. This involved a lot of blu-tack. We had to search the office to try and find extra blu-tack several times, looking in every nook and cranny until we found a little more. I spent one entire day cutting paper, putting blu-tack on the back, lining it up and then sticking it on the wall. Even though it sounds tedious it wasn’t as boring as you might think. I learnt that this small task is a very important step in successfully completing a project.

As well as cutting paper and sticking it on the walls in the office, I also did the typical work experience coffee run. I went to a coffee place to pick up two skinny flat whites in mugs, but I had to ask Matthew twice before I left because I forgot what I was meant to be ordering, however my coffee run was successful in the end.

Research is a very important part of the design process. You have to be able to understand what you are working on before you can do anything. While sitting down and eating lunch, the Ecocreative team was brainstorming ideas for a possible project. One idea, suggested by Clare, was to do something along the lines of geocaching. Before the designing could begin some research had to be done, so Jordan downloaded the free geocaching app and we left the building. We found one geocache with a spider attached to the lid. Matthew turned it over and we all jumped a mile, but once we all discovered it was fake we all laughed and laughed. When our ‘research’ was complete we walked back to the Ecocreative office and continued on with other work.


I have learnt a lot about being in the workplace and being a Designer from my experience at Ecocreative this week. I have found that I really like the work that Matthew, Sarah, Clare and Jordan do, and I hope to pursue a career in Design.

Thank you, Ecocreative for allowing me this experience, and making it such a great one.