A fresh makeover. Hello brandsome!

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013


Personalising the exchange of business cards; one name at a time!

A little over a year ago we blogged about our identity crisis and the new brand identity that emerged for Ecocreative. We recently took this brand refresh a lot further, bringing a kaleidoscope of colour and triangles (delta, the symbol of change) into our studio. Some of you will be familiar with the brightly painted walls, our jaunty frontage and our suite of cheeky business cards and postcards.

You may also notice our website is looking a lot fresher and fuller, with plenty to explore in our projects. Remember to use the handy theme filters to see the latest projects interpreting places, enriching brands, communicating science, visualising information and telling stories. We hope you like what you see!


Getting a glimpse on Hutt Street, Adelaide


Our postcards take change to an extreme. How many triangles can you see?