Take a peek at our new co-working habitat!

Posted by on Dec 5, 2013


You’re probably aware of our fondness for positive change. Well, have we got news for you… In a few weeks we’re moving into Adelaide’s biggest and brightest co-working space, Hub Adelaide, right in the heart of the CBD.

Co-working is a phenomenon that is helping people make connections, to collaborate and form vibrant, productive communities all over the world. In fact, our local Hub is one of three in Australia and dozens that are part of the Impact Hub Global Network. This means our team room will be part of one of the biggest collaborative ‘workplaces’ on the planet (it just happens to be spread across several continents). 

It’s all about sharing

Our new work-and-play space will also be very much about collaborative consumption, which most of us just know as ‘sharing’. We’ll be sharing our new home with other businesses, government and community organisations from some 40 different sectors. This means more than 150 people sharing one coffee machine, printer, ping pong table, barbecue, swing and the nice people at the front desk. Challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Our move is also much more responsible. In becoming part of Hub Australia, we’re supporting one of the nation’s first B-Corporations. And they seem pretty keen to learn from us, too. Just what a mob of  revangelists want to hear and more in keeping with our devotion to ‘inspiring positive change for a sustainable society’.

Change, the positive kind, is a constant at Hub Adelaide. There’s always something happening, events (like the Pecha Kucha night Matthew co-hosted in October), and crowds of people visiting ‘hubbers’, meeting up and sharing plans together in the space. Even the furniture rarely sits still for long!

As much as we’ve loved our own studio habitats over the years, it’s liberating to be reducing our ecological footprint (and enlarging our network) so dramatically. All we’re taking with us are a load of books, a few physical samples of work, our tools of trade, our bikes and our worm farm – yes, our food waste workforce is welcome, too.

You’ll be hearing plenty more about this in the near future, including key dates and new contact details. Things are moving quickly, so keep up to date here, or just give us a call.