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Posted by on Jan 20, 2014


Yes, that’s 16 years – a really long time! And there is still plenty of work to be done. We are working towards a more sustainable society as a business and as creatives, in supporting individuals and organisations focused on positive change. And that applies to plenty of people in natural resource management (NRM). If you’re one of those people and we have not worked with you yet, then it’s the right time to be reading this, perhaps our most promotional blog post ever!

We think that everyone has the responsibility to do their bit to ensure there is a balance between social, economic and environmental needs. We take pride in running our business with a focus on sustainability. This is the primary purpose of the work of many of our clients in the field of natural resource management (or NRM, as those in the know call it). We understand the many challenges of working in this area and part of what makes us unique is that we work proactively with people across this realm to make a difference – this means we work with people in science and research; policy and planning; community consultation and engagement; project management and program delivery; on-ground works and, of course, communications and marketing.

Doing things a bit differently

Nowadays we are asked to help tackle a problem more frequently than we are asked to deliver a product. This means our activity might be getting a workshop happening, or even running an event. This approach also enables us to hold off leaping into building a website, designing a brochure, developing signage, illustrating a map or writing up a story. We take a little time to explore what that might be possible and then, regardless of a client’s area of expertise or the issue in focus, actively seek a better way of communicating the message so that the process, the products and, hopefully, the resulting change in people’s behaviours will deliver meaningful outcomes.

As we’ve written elsewhere, we’re not into making things if it’s not necessary. That doesn’t mean never make stuff, have a look around our site and you’ll see we have developed a broad range of reports, brochures, books, posters, maps, displays, infographics, interpretive signage and installations, websites, multimedia applications, garments or even a bespoke award trophy.

Got a problem? Excellent!

We are always looking for new challenges in the world of NRM strategy, communications and community engagement. If you’re in the market for people who like things that are messy, weird, different or not done before – and to show how we might bring something new to your organisation – we’re introducing three of our highly regarded projects here (with links to the full story in our projects section).

We’ve done plenty of work in this field. If you’re keen to explore more (including much more recent work), use ‘NRM’ or any other term in the search field at the top of our site.

AWN-DetailAlinytjara Wilurara’s Aboriginal NRM plan: a big ‘caring for country’ story

The Alinytjara Wilurara region stretches all the way from the Bunda Cliffs past the Great Victoria Desert — a vast area that includes the traditional homelands for several Aboriginal groups. Ecocreative took on a huge project in developing this detailed natural resources management plan and all the materials for community consultation, including an illustrated poster that has really captured people’s imagination.

Read the case study

2011-08-18-wood017Woodhouse wetland signage: learning along a linear trail

Following our success with interpretive coastal signage for councils and schools, Ecocreative was approached to develop an educational trail for a creek running through Woodhouse, a very popular recreational site managed and owned by Scouts Australia.

Read the case study

living-beaches-interactive-cdAdelaide’s Living Beaches: an interactive coastal resource

All forms of traditional media had failed to assist the Coast Protection Board of the Department for Environment and Heritage in getting the message across about the management of Adelaide’s beaches (it’s all about the sand!). This digital in-depth tour of the coast took the community engagement challenge to task.

Read the case study

Adaptive management: you need to be creative

In managing natural resources, getting the balance right takes years of practice. As is the case for ecosystems, most creative projects need ‘adaptive management’ to succeed. And our team provides whole-of-project consulting, changing how we do things as needs dictate. Of course, for adaptive management to be successful, things need to proceed with a framework. And it’s for this reason that all our projects follow the Ecocreative process in clearly defined phases.

Our full-service approach includes:

  • communications and engagement strategy development
  • event design, facilitation and interactive (fun!) workshops
  • creative direction, graphic design
  • writing and editing, including the creation of style sheets (we specialise in NRM content and have adapted many a technical report into plain language)
  • interpretive and educational consulting
  • project management
  • illustration, mapping and infographic creation
  • web and multimedia design and development
  • photography and videography (including direction and script development)
  • 3D and interior design, including ‘artist impressions’
  • sustainable production management.

True engagement with our clients, our supporters and communities across Australia is everything to us. If you feel like we can help make a difference with your work, please get in touch – we’d love to work with you!

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