We love what we do and welcome you to be part of it!

We are a creative consultancy
devoted to inspiring positive change
for a sustainable society.

Our work is focused on creating engaging brands, stories, products and experiences. Most importantly, everything we do is focused on contributing positively to the sustainability movement and achievements such as heightened awareness, behavioural change and, ideally, measurable outcomes.

As a team, we work towards this through providing design, communications, facilitation, education and management support to individuals and organisations with shared values and objectives.


Humble beginnings, ambitious goals.

Ecocreative was founded in 1998 to help those people who were working for a better world but just didn’t know how to convince others to get involved. A lot has changed since the last millennium, but few who care about the environment or society would dispute that changes need to be greater and to happen much, much faster.

From one person in the bedroom of a share house, Ecocreative is now a team in a well established studio in the city with a huge body of work to be proud of. We are now far more experienced and better equipped to support society’s agents of change with our serious-yet-light creative consulting. And because we all work for Ecocreative, you can be assured that what’s important to you is also important to us – and that your project will proceed with the highest commitment to quality, sustainability and integrity.


What we do.

As a creative consultancy, it’s always a challenge to define specifics, though we appreciate the need for people to know that we’re very flexible and we offer a range of specialised services ranging from strategy and facilitation to design and communications. Most of our established clients know they can come to us wanting to engage people in tackling a serious social or environmental problem in a different way.

We deliver services such as community consultations, strategic workshops, graphic design, writing and editing, web and application design, illustration, facilitation, interpretive consulting, research, creative direction, project management, brand identity development and production management (with a focus on sustainability, of course). Some clients come looking for these types of services and find we’re a good fit.

Some of our work is classified as interpretation, or design (of many types), or science communication, or social marketing, or brand communication, or community engagement. In a way, we do all this and bring our skills and experience to each project, drawing on our experience in all these specialised fields to deliver something unique for every project that does its bit to be part of a more sustainable society.

And what we don’t do.

Although we understand how other creative consultants work, there are some services we don’t offer in house, though we can always find good people to undertake market research, write code for apps, manage social media accounts, train staff or teach students, place advertisements or assist with a wide range of activities such as direct marketing and merchandising. If you contact us to do one of these things and it’s not what we do, then we’ll do our best to help out.

It’s also worth mentioning that we want to work with people who see sustainability as more than a box to tick on the way to selling something. Chances are if you want to sell something that encourages consumption without considering the greater good, we’re not the people to help you out.

We draw on experience in many specialised fields to deliver something unique for every project.
We want to work with people who see sustainability as more than a box to tick.


The Ecocreative process

Over the many years of working in sustainable facilitation, strategy, design and communications, we’ve developed a process that works for almost any conceivable project, from more involved projects such as a series of reports, social marketing campaign, website, educational resource or interpretive centre, though to smaller projects such as a small business brand identity, brochure or workshop presentation. Each phase of our process delivers a package that provides the opportunity for client input and approvals before we move into the next part of the project.

The Ecocreative process is typically followed for most projects, though we still often deliver a discrete Scoping or Concept phase to help clarify broader objectives or to ‘test the water’ for a bigger project.


What we like in a client.

We work with a very broad range of clients in the government, community and business sectors. But amidst all this diversity, we see that there is one characteristic many of our clients share: the belief that things need to be done differently. A lot of our clients have more than good intentions; they are people who are driven to get something done, people determined to find more creative ways to engage people in meaningful change.

We really appreciate our clients and our interest is in a long-term relationship, not just a one-off project. The longer we work together, the better the outcomes will be. Trust takes time to develop. Without it, it’s hard to develop and maintain a reputation.


We are proud to be involved with a number of professional organisations. As participants (and sometimes as presenters) we regularly attend events and workshops to keep abreast of best practice.

Society of Editors Australian Graphic Design Association Interpretation Australia Pecha Kucha Australian Society of Science Communicators