Privacy and terms of use.

When a user views the Ecocreative website, our internet service provider records the visit and logs information for statistical purposes. This information includes details on the type of browser used, the address of the user’s server and the pages visited. No attempt will be made to identify users except in the unlikely event of a legal investigation (when our internet service provider may be required to provide this information).

We may use a browser feature called a cookie to identify the user’s computer to our server. Cookies do not contain information that identifies the user.

When an email is sent via the website, Ecocreative retains the email address for use in relation to the enquiry, or for future correspondence regarding special promotions and similar matters.

With the exception of these circumstances, email addresses will not be provided to other parties without the user’s consent.

Users may elect to not receive further information by contacting Ecocreative.