A Territorian poster

Anyone who has been to the Top End of Australia is likely to have an appreciation for how big and bold the challenges may be in looking after the land, or 'caring for country' as many of its Indigenous citizens might say.

There have been plenty of occasions Ecocreative has been asked to reinterpret a large environmental report and then, somehow, connect this to a landscape. Such was the case with Territory Natural Resource Management (NRM) when their Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan needed to make the leap from page to poster.

Working with the client communications team, we clarified the key themes, issues and natural assets of the big territory into a large poster, representing them with a combination of colourful illustrated landmarks in a landscape littered with icons representing threats and assets (otherwise known as ferals and native fauna!) . This transformed the map into something much less like a report on natural resource management challenges to something akin to a tour guide of natural resource management.

It was great to work though things meticulously with Territory NRM. And this made a difference; we even heard an early draft was reluctantly relinquished by some of the rangers.

The end result has been welcomed (and occasionally held up) with open arms across the organisation. Which is just as well, as we need to embrace everything about the Top End if we are truly going to care for country.


Territory Natural Resources Management

Services delivered

• Creative direction
• Graphic design
• Proofreading
• Illustration
• Production management





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Condensing a 150-page document into a poster is no easy feat, but the team at Ecocreative were great to work with. They have an understanding of natural resource management and how best to take large amounts of information and transform it into attractive designs which speak volumes. We look forward to our next project with the Ecocreative team.
Cara Burke, Communications Officer, Territory NRM