Active transport

Travel to and from the city can be a painful affair for the impatient, especially at peak business hours. The staff and students of the University of Adelaide are no exception to this rule, so Ecocreative was enlisted to help them out.

Our friends at the University of Adelaide's Ecoversity program always have a good idea on the go, so when it appeared that their staff and students weren't (on the go), they asked 'why'?

It was recognised that there are many off-putting aspects to the thought of cycling to Uni, so Ecocreative was enlisted to help bust some myths and spread some truths - including the fact that cycling is often actually faster than driving, especially at peak hours.

A tight budget informed the design downloadable and printable (with minimal ink being sympathetic to broke students' home inkjets) A4 map brochures for two of the University's campuses, that fold down to pocket- or wallet-size for easy use on a bike.

A simple design and icon style was used for quick reference on the go. As a result, more staff and students are 'treading heavy' while shrinking their footprint!


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