B cubed gains a new b-b-brand identity

One of the best things about helping B Cubed to reimagine themselves as conscious management accountants was helping one of Australia's early fellow B Corps embrace a whole new way of telling their story.

B cubed are justifiably proud to be a certified B Corp, so we were determined to maintain a balance between retaining the business name while separating its identity from that of the certification system: no mean feat! Rather than side-stepping the issue, we advised on how to use their name, B cubed, as a conversation starter about their consideration of a ‘triple bottom line’ and looking beyond profit in their multidimensional, tailored approach to sustainable business.

We left behind visual cliches (pens, graphs and calculators) behind, and embraced many more Bs to get their message across! Apart from being highly coordinated, efficient and productive, bees maintain the conditions necessary for the creation of life while also enriching and enhancing the environment around them. When a lucrative vein of nectar is discovered, the entire colony doesn't rush off to mine it, no matter how enriching the short-term benefits. A perfect fit!

After certifying as a B Corp the next logical step for me was to re-brand. I chose Ecocreative (a fellow B Corp) because they aligned with my values. They provided a personalised service that started with a wonderful phone conversation with Matthew to scope the project and understand where I wanted to position B cubed in the marketplace. Jordan walked me through each step. Because of this considerate approach, I felt that Ecocreative understood my business and what I wanted as an outcome - and I’m really happy with the result!
Bronwyn Baird, Director

From here, things flowed easily. We designed a brand logotype from a friendly, bold typeface, introduced a bright yellow, and built a warm seamless pattern from small cubes and honey-comb shaped hexagons. Order, but with a sense of the organic. When we were sure our client was happy with the concept and our work on editing text, we created a package of brand identity tools we typically deliver, including letterhead, email signature, sustainably produced business cards and, to complete the story, a web page with its own colony of honey bees.

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B cubed conscious management accounting

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• Brand strategy
• Project management
• Design
• Web design and development
• Editing
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