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Kangaroo Island is one of Australia's tourism hotspots and is increasingly being recognised for its fine foods and agricultural produce, all with a focus on a more sustainable way of working with nature. Amongst the people leading this approach is a progressive group of sheep farmers who are keen to showcase their unique wool region to growing export markets in Asia and Europe.

Although it takes its name from Australia's most famous mammal, it's the key ingredient of another type of jumper that is earning the Island's sheep farming group a reputation for producing some of the best fibre the nation has on offer.

After being approached by the group (comprising farmers and a veterinarian) and learning about their dedication to sustainable farming practices and animal welfare, we were excited to help build an identity for this progressive brand. As with much of our work with businesses, what started with an assessment of the group's industry, goals and culture moved into a brand identity development process.

The resultant brand identity was inspired by the island, the ocean and, of course, their amazing product, with the logo's furrows evoking the shearers comb and the tilled agricultural landscapes of the island. The earthy colour palette and juxtaposition of the open, rounded brand typeface with classical serifed type is set off by portraiture, landscapes and reportage style location photography that is used across brand communications, including business cards, stationery and certificates.

When it came time to develop a prospectus for increasing numbers of export partners in Asia and Europe, we built upon the strong visual identity with a down-to-earth way of writing about the island, the farming philosophy and why what Kangaroo Island Wool produce is increasingly in demand.

We briefed Ecocreative to create a logo that evoked the natural characteristics of wool and the location in which the wool is grown. For our many customers overseas, leveraging the Kangaroo Island brand and reputation was paramount. The final collaborative result not only fulfilled the brief but is one that we are very proud to display to the world. Our excellent company prospectus and business card set have been universally praised.
Greg Johnsson, Secretary and Public Officer, Kangaroo Island Wool


Kangaroo Island Wool

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