Chooks and Veggies brand identity

Chooks and Veggies is a business true to their name. They provide a range of chook houses and garden beds to get people back into the ‘good old days’ of food farming.

The director, amazingly found us by reading the details on Matthew's smartcar as he whizzed past, approached us for an earthy and organic brand identity to help them sell beautiful custom chook houses and garden beds.

On a very tight budget, we needed to craft something distinctive with the cut-through needed for visually 'busy' markets and gardening expos. Our backyard blitz included a versatile logo reminiscent of wood-block printing, and layouts inspired by decoupage.

The simple veg-ink and recycled cardboard business and promo cards were cheep-cheep to print and they delivered the 'Aha!' without the Aaargh! that sometimes comes with a great (sustainable) print job. Single-sided promo cards were printed at the same time to give our client a stockpile of handwriting-friendly price tags.


Chooks and Veggies

Services delivered

• Brand strategy
• Project management
• Creative direction
• Design
• Illustration
• Production management