CRC for Water Sensitive Cities: a vibrant vision for Australia’s cities

What does the vision for a sustainable, productive, resilient city look like? That was our challenge for this organisation leading research into water sensitive cities.

Water is intimately connected to life on earth so it's no surprise in our urbanised world that there is lots of great research being done on how cleverly water can be designed into our cities. When we got talking with the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, it was clear we might be able to help them visualise what their vision could offer and help them make this research more accessible.

This quickly become 'our vision as an infographic' and we warmed to the task. While every infographic is different, we just needed to make sure we set the international and national context, identified the issues, set out the opportunities and, most importantly, brought all the research to life.

We wanted to show all the good things about water sensitive urban design and what is can be like living in such a creative, connected cool place. We set out to create a fictional landscape that would serve as a template for any Australian city. Hills, a reservoir, creeks, wetlands and a coastal setting all helped. There was certainly a lot we wanted to fit in.

We were looking for a more adventurous way to communicate our bold agenda. Water sensitive design is critically important for the future of our cities and the infographic is powerful way to identify and quickly communicate our key messages. It's just the sort of thing we need to do more of to engage people in research that is leading the world.
Jamie Ewert, Executive Director, Southern Region

We also wanted to reinforce that cities are always in the process of being recreated. We landed on a concept based on illustrated elements inspired by pixel art. This helps evoke the design-as-you-go common in popular empire-building games like Simcity and Minecraft. As we continued to refine the work through our creative phases, we ensured information could both follow a narrative top-to-bottom structure and still lend itself to distinct modules, with a key point in each, making this perfect for use in presentations and across a range of online environments, including social media. We're looking forward to our next project with this innovative research centre. More importantly, we're looking forward to enjoying cities that bubble with great environments and systems inspired by life-giving water.


CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

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