Discovery Circle: an identity kit for citizen science

There's a lot to love about ecology, biology and all the study into nature that goes on in our research institutions, though it can be tricky for a typical member of the public to connect with this vital work. This is where 'citizen science' comes to the fore and we are stoked to have been helping some of the leaders in this field bring people to the research.

Discovery Circle is the name given to a bunch of citizen science programs that include a Bioblitz (24-hour community monitoring and recording of biodiversity) and initiatives to study everything from the habits of household cats or birds to Fluker posts.

Our challenge was to help our university-based clients navigate the requirements of a large organisation's branding conventions, work with pre-built national research atlas web platforms and deal with a packed events calendar, bridging Science Week, that needed to cater for kids of all ages right through to prospective university students. Not to mention the launch of the State's first ever Bioblitz with two councils on consecutive weekends at opposite ends of the Adelaide Plains. Whew! We get tired just writing about it!

Everything worked beautifully, we're happy to say. Everyone was able to make use of the identity we constructed and the many components and tools we provided to produce their own resources to fit with the limitations of time, budget and bureaucracy, for print and display media, email and even Facebook (where a growing community share their love of science with other citizens of the net). Our design and web team were even able to adapt the Discovery Circle identity to suit the Atlas of Living Australia's platform, ensuring our researcher friends could make the most of the generous help and technology their partners made available.

If you have a yearning to liberate the scientist in you (or you know someone who should be reading this), head across to Discovery Circle, sign up, follow and then put your hand up to learn and contribute to the growing community of citizen scientists in our part of the world.

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