DNA Barcoding presentation

Professor Andy Lowe presented at Adelaide TEDx on the fascinating subject of DNA barcoding, and we were lucky enough to create his presentation!  What the heck is DNA barcoding? And what has it got to do with the 'ships of the desert' or Star Trek?

Communicating these things were just some of the challenges that Andy faced when constructing his TEDx presentation. During our workshopping sessions with Andy, we were struck by how interesting and relevant his subject was ... while being aware of the fact that many audiences switch off when faced with science (yawn) and a powerpoint slide (double yawn).

We worked with Andy under tight timeframes to deliver a flexible, modular and customisable pdf presentation style with custom illustrations and sourced images. The visual support for his presentation was simple and did not overpower the stimulating narrative of his lecture - and the audience loved it.

You can watch Andy's presentation at the bottom of this page - needless to say it was a hit at TEDx!


Professor Andrew Lowe, University of Adelaide

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• Strategic consulting
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• Project management
• Creative direction
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I would recommend Ecocreative’s services without any reservations at all. I appreciated the frequency and depth of briefing sessions which helped me to tailor my presentation for the audience and to deliver a talk that was well-crafted and interesting. Your team produced a presentation of a very high standard. In fact, I was even asked afterwards which professional software package I’d used to prepare the slides – I said – Ecocreative!
Andrew Lowe, Chair in Plant Conservation Biology at Adelaide University