Biodiversity Brief

Brands are not always created according to the rules of nature. A case in point is a biodiversity research brand that evolved from a successful presentation we created for Professor Andrew Lowe, one of Australia's leading biodiversity researchers.

After the success of Professor Lowe's DNA Barcoding presentation for TEDx Adelaide, we started on a series of strategic communications sessions that led to two major initiatives: the launch of a blog that presents thoughts (and discussions) 'from the vanguard of biodiversity research' and a rather unique newsletter entitled the Biodiversity Brief. The Brief is circulated to a fairly exclusive list of leaders in science policy and decision-making, with view to bringing attention - and more importantly - resources, to the most important issue of time: our own survival!

Central to each issue of Biodiversity Brief is an infographic that steps through some of the most important research imperatives; in the case of the first issue, the focus was the impacts of climate change and biodiversity. The collaborative creation of this proved to be both stimulating and very satisfying; so often the case when scientists and communicators work together in harmony!

Visit Biodiversity Revolution, Andrew Lowe's biodiversity research blog.


Professor Andrew Lowe, University of Adelaide

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