FAME: An investment prospectus for the return of the quolls

It's not every year that we can say Ecocreative has been involved in something of truly historic importance. Our work for the Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered (FAME) project to secure investment to reintroduce the locally extinct Western Quoll to the South Australian rangelands definitely fits the bill.

Australian ecosystems have lost some of their most important species. Some like the Tasmanian Tiger have been lost forever, others have become what is known as locally extinct. Until very recently, this was the case for the Western Quoll (sometimes dubiously known as a native cat) in South Australia.

Native species reintroduction is one of the most challenging forms of conservation to undertake; it's high-risk and requires significant investment. We needed to be keenly focused on this in our storytelling and design, interpreting a range of historical materials and tailoring an investor pack for use in a range of targeted meetings.

Ecocreative were involved with the non-government organisation intent on the reintroduction of the Western Quoll, or 'Idnya' as it is called by the Adnyamathanha Aboriginal people of the Flinders Ranges region. As things evolved in the conversations between a whole host of stakeholders, we worked closely with FAME to create a document that would tell the (quite amazing) tale of the Quoll for prospective investors in the project, emphasising how critical it is to have species like this back where they belong.

About 60 quolls have been born since we reintroduced Western Quolls to the national park. We are still raising funds and the prospectus is working very well for us. It has proved to be a great resource, so the team at Ecocreative should be proud of it!
Cheryl Hill, CEO

The resulting prospectus and fact sheets have been part of the project's success. A couple of years later we are delighted to say that things have gone beautifully with the project. We provided significant pro-bono input into this project, so it was great to see numerous early investors had great confidence in this ambitious project. It has all been well worth it, as we have enjoyed the wonderful news recently that there are now families of quolls breeding in the Flinders Ranges for the first time in more than half a century!

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Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species (FAME)

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