globalCARE: bringing an identity and infographics to a worldwide challenge

The impact of chemicals on human health and the environment is growing, with around 5 million contaminated sites documented worldwide.

The good news is that we are seeing the beginnings of a movement to bring the best knowledge and people together to raise awareness, share research and determine how best to identify issues and restore (or remediate) our land, water and air quality.

This initiative, globalCARE (global Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment), has just been launched in Australia and Ecocreative has helped to create an identity, introductory publication and infographic to bring this grand idea into being.

We enjoy working with research-based organisations. A grounding in evidence and data often gives us plenty of material to investigate, refine and then interpret. We started work on a brand identity that complemented that of its ‘parent’ organisation, CRC CARE. This helped contribute to the design of a prospectus developed to recruit new individuals and organisations to the cause.

Once this was complete, it was a natural progression to visually communicate some of the staggering figures and facts associated with contamination across the world. This demanded visualisation of information in a more engaging format. We researched, concepted, illustrated, edited and ultimately delivered a modular infographic that serves as a vital tool in a suite of communications materials.

With the message know out there, globalCARE will help raise awareness and engage researchers in being part of a global change that has the potential to transform futures for some of the world’s poorest people and some of the planet’s most polluted places.

The enormity of the global contamination challenge isn't easy to take in. Ecocreative helped us to visualise how globalCARE can shift perceptions and move to action.
Adam Barclay, Communications Manager

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