Indigenous cultural map and guide

The City of Holdfast Bay is host to sites of significance for Kaurna people. Much of this rich cultural heritage has been lost in a short period of European settlement.

The City of Holdfast Bay contracted Ecocreative to create a walking guide to bring the Indigenous sites and stories of the council area to locals and visitors, who may not be aware of what lies underfoot. Ecocreative created the regional map and brought in a layer of plants from Darrell Kraehenbuehl’s Pre-European Vegetation of the Adelaide Plains, forming a connection of Kaurna language interpretive signage in the area.

The guide was created in consultation with the Kaurna community and academics, and explores themes such as language, history, biodiversity and storytelling with a rich and earthy visual tone.

The map was produced on an outdoor-resistant recycled paper stock, and printed using vegetable-based inks, so that it may be returned to the earth as silently as the Kaurna sites it speaks of when its job is done.

The City of Holdfast Bay is proud to have led this important initiative that supports the organisation's reconciliation agreement with the Kaurna people. We are now working with local schools, linking Indigenous places, culture and language with lifelong learning.
Jenni Reynolds, Community Development Officer at City of Holdfast Bay


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