Interactive digital oral history

This 'The Oral History of Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert and the Coorong' multimedia CD-ROM provides personal accounts of this unique part of Australia, told by those who know it and remember how it used to be.

It's always interesting to see how new technologies can help interpret old stories. The multimedia interface (its centrepiece being the interactive map) allows the audience to form a personal connection to stories of the landscape and its people. Users can view the whole area or zoom in to see geographical details, including their Indigenous heritage. Hotspots on the map link to individual oral histories, with audio and video accompanied by slideshows.

Ecocreative designed the interface, the zoomable map and every aspect of the multimedia presentation, which required complex coding in Flash. We also edited supplied content and coordinated the process with the historians and the client.


Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Association

Services delivered

• Research
• Project management
• Creative direction
• Design
• Illustration
• Editing
• Production management