A compost makeover

Five garden and horticulture products compost, soil and mulch garden products that were once only available by the truck or trailer load were to will be sold from commercial stockists in handy gardening sizes for the first time.

The branded packaging project needed to help the home gardener understand (at point of sale) how to use the products (made from recycled organic waste), learn more about the holistic sustainable approach and brand of the company, and then recycle the bags after use next time they returned to the nursery.

Taking a bulk product to ‘point of sale in a bag’ was a brand building and retail challenge that needed to consider many guidelines related to recycling, UV stability, organic certification, ISO standards and OH&S within the bounds of flexographic printing. Earthy colours and textures were assigned to the compost, soil and mulch product categories for easy identification, and products were ‘piled and styled’ to showcase aesthetic qualities.

An ‘easy as 1, 2, 3’ infographic, ‘green organics loop’ and bag return logo were designed to help customers and improve recycling.

Making our products available in bags has long been a goal for us and represented a huge challenge. We needed to meet our own demanding standards for quality, integrity and sustainability and address many technical challenges and other requirements regarding certifications, labelling and standards. We've worked closely on our brand with Ecocreative over the past few years and they really get what we're about. All the hard work is worth it everything about the bags exceed my expectations. They look just awesome and I am excited about what this will do for our business.
Lachlan Jeffries, Jeffries Managing Director


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