Kangaroo Island Wool: a new website for a jump in exports

Kangaroo Island is one of the world's best known ecotourism destinations. The new website for some of the Island's most enlightened woolgrowers is sharing the story of a home-grown industry that is putting Kangaroo Island on the map of the international premium wool market.

Kangaroo Island Wool was founded by a group of farmers and a veterinarian dedicated to excellence in wool production. Premium fibre demands that sustainable land management, innovative production systems and animal welfare exist in harmony. This client manages the total wool life cycle on Kangaroo Island and have ultimate control of the type, quality and quantity of wool produced for our clients, with the ability to trace wool back to the flock it came from.

Continuing our work with this client, Ecocreative's challenge was to bring the richness and depth of this story to an online environment, ensuring a balance of the businesslike and the bucolic. Grower profiles, featuring mini interviews with some of the company's farmers feature alongside the rather remarkable (and scarcely told) history of wool and sheep farming on Kangaroo Island (while showing off a bit of scenery as well).

With an acclaimed brand identity, lovely photography and, of course, good people to work with, it was a real pleasure to bring this brand online. We hope it shows.

Visit the Kangaroo Island Wool website.


Kangaroo Island Wool

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