Life-saving, life-changing stories: helping the Birthing Kit Foundation

The Birthing Kit Foundation sends 'birthing kits' to more than 30 developing nations around the world. The small, lightweight kits dramatically reduce infant mortality and childbirth-related disease, are assembled completely by volunteers, and cost less than a cup of coffee!

The Foundation approached Ecocreative to help update the presentation kit they provide to people promoting their program, making it possible to use anywhere, including places without internet access. They also needed an updated brochure (what we came up with was a radical overhaul).
As a bonus, we developed brand guidelines, created a distinctive map that can be used for multiple applications, and shot new photos of the kit contents.

Ecocreative donated a significant amount of in-kind support to the project, and our team enjoyed contributing to such a positive and far-reaching cause. Not long after this work, the Foundation celebrated the distribution of 1,000,000 birthing kits!

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Birthing Kit Foundation

Services delivered

• Brand strategy
• Project management
• Creative direction
• Design
• Photography
• Editing
• Production management