Living Sustainably: an interactive neighbourhood supporting greener lifestyles

To understand what 'living sustainably' might mean, we created an interactive neighbourhood to help people get in touch with greener lifestyles, making it easier to make choices about how your home is designed (including retrofitting), equipped and, most importantly, lived in; from the inside out.

The District Council of Mount Barker shares qualities with many fast-growing residential areas beyond the fringes of Australia's capital cities: it's a challenge to balance the requirement for adequate infrastructure and services with the need for sustainable development.

Living Sustainably helps decode this puzzle, proving to be an accessible, easy-to-use tool to help address some of challenges at a household level, linking council services with the essential ecosystem services (like water, air and soil) provided by nature.

In designing and building the interactive house (we started by designing a typical 3-bedroom home floorplan) , grounds and neighbourhood, we thought a lot about what makes living special in a peri-urban area while still considering the many things we can all choose to go (given the inspiration, information and resources). We populated this familiar scene with visual 'hotspots' that shared tips and links for sustainable living with a focus on energy, water, waste, biodiversity, food, transport and even creeks and rivers!

As has been the case with numerous clients over the years, this project featured clever integration and updating of available and past information resources, including a popular range of brochures we'd previously created. Fittingly, this inventive take on communications emulates the focus on renewing what already exists (even recycling material where appropriate), with the added benefit of making the tool easier to update for people new to the area in the future!

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District Council of Mount Barker

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We've worked with Ecocreative for more than 10 years and they've helped us update our messages to suit the times (and their technology!). Living Sustainably started out as themed brochures; Ecocreative somehow connected everything up so people can simply click around a familiar interactive neighbourhood on our website.
Greg Sarre, Senior Advisor Strategy and Policy