Biodiversity in the Mallee

Mallee country stretches across southern Australia. Most of this land is farmed, with broadacre crops set amidst a patchwork of native scrub that helps keep nature's balance. This popular publication shows just how valuable biodiversity is in an agricultural context.

One of the Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Group's major challenges is the preservation of good quality mallee scrub on a regional and farm-by-farm basis. Ecocreative assisted them with this goal, undertaking a major review of the draft Biodiversity Plan's content, structure and branding.

We also created a detailed, illustrated brochure. This brochure complemented the plan by showing landholders how biodiversity can benefit agricultural enterprise and what types of plants and animals they might expect to see in a patch of healthy scrub.

Both products have significantly benefitted management of biodiversity in the region, with the brochure now in its third reprint.


Murray Mallee Local Action Planning Group

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