Nature Play SA: creative support for a movement going places

Your memories of childhood are probably filled with tree climbing, beachcombing, cubby building and maybe even the occasional wayward adventure exploring your neighbourhood's wild places.

Sadly, this is not the experience of most children today and while there are various reasons for this, we're delighted to be part of the movement to help kids get back outdoors through our creative support for Nature Play South Australia.

From early and ongoing work on strategic and communications sessions with the acting CEO, we did our best to keep up with the pace of Nature Play SA and the demand from the community. We started adapting resources provided by Nature Play WA, reworked and launched a website to suit local conditions and linking with branded email news, starting to build a database. We worked on South Aussie-fying a passports to outdoor adventure, adapted the now-famous list of ’51 Things to do Before You’re 12’ for local children, created new postcards and posters. We even retrofitted a disused bamboo pull-up banner which has since been hauled out at dozens of events where our highly visual Nature Play SA presentation helped communicate the essentials in under seven minutes.

Perhaps most significantly in this first half of 2014, we kept people in touch through setting up and managing the Nature Play SA Facebook site. In this, we exceeded targets for community engagement at every level and helped build a community of nearly 8000 very active followers in less than five months (of course, it certainly helped that so much was great stuff was being led by Nature Play SA that could be celebrated and shared!). This Facebook phenomenon even resulted in an invitation to present to the University of South Australia's environmental science students about successful social media engagement. Now that's a great outcome, we reckon! Get across there now and you'll see it's close to 10,000 strong.

In the second half of the year, springtime brought the Royal Adelaide Show and the focus was helping get special South Aussie outdoor passports for school kids through one of biggest print production projects we’ve tackled and to the show on time! Soon after, in their first Nature Play Week, recognising the need for resources tailored for preschool children were released, Nature Play SA launched a junior passport (we helped with adaptive design and content) and a brand new list of '49 Things to Do Before You're 5' (we helped come up with many of these things, ensuring they covered three phases of early childhood development and linked with the list for under 12s).

With Nature Play SA's new segmentation of age groups, we created clearer sub-brands for under 5s and under 12s. And because it’s fun to share, these unique South Australian resources are now being made available to the national Nature Play network, ready for them to adapt (just like we did with what started with from WA).

There's plenty more to this story and we're sure there will still be much to tell about this organisation that is recognising the real yearning people have for this special type of tree change. We're proud to say, though strategic and tactical creative support that we have helped Nature Play SA through their rapid growth to the leaders of the nature play movement in South Australia (a national nature play hotspot). We're really looking forward to what the future holds, especially because we can see the makings of tomorrow’s leaders already... they're outside, having fun!

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