Rethinking waste

Following the drafting of NetWaste’s strategic waste plan, Ecocreative was contracted to produce a community summary of key content and actions.

We created a publication identity that helps elevate and refresh the NetWaste brand, icons to distinguish key focus areas and two innovative publications: one PDF-only summary and another printed summary with lift-out poster with regional map and key milestones timeline (both features were suggested by Ecocreative and workshopped with NetWaste staff).

Ecocreative was responsible for project management, editing (including a significant amount of writing), graphic design, creative direction, photo selection, illustration and sustainable production management.

The resulting product has been very well received and increases recognition of the organisation’s leadership and achievements in regional sustainability initiatives.


NetWaste NSW

Services delivered

• Research
• Creative direction
• Graphic design
• Project management
• Writing
• Editing
• Illustration
• Production management
• Brand strategy