Pigs, poo and plant food: a science infographic tells all

Some problems in this world are difficult to face. Equally, some subjects are a challenge to communicate. Add science to the mix, and you have a recipe for something that might not be so palatable. The solution? Well, setting the scene is a good start!

The team at the Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) came to us with a pig of a problem (and no, it wasn't their long name!). Their fantastic work in environmental problem-solving and remediation was looking for a broader audience.

Part of the work of CRCs is to commercialise their research, offering it to a world in need of science-backed innovation. CRC CARE has a suite of products and our challenge was to communicate the benefits of the aptly named pooCARE™. This seemed the perfect opportunity to tell a story, not just about renewable energy and agricultural fertiliser, but also to communicate the scale of the issue – and opportunity – presented by pig poo!

The process we went through involved plenty of client liaison, review of case studies and background material, independent research, engagement with Mandarin translators and consideration of cross-cultural understanding and appropriateness, right down to the table settings depicted in the infographic.

We created an illustration style, distilled information into categories and produced a linear infographic to communicate what people can do with humble pig waste, which would work in both English and Mandarin. We also made sure this infographic was modular so that it could be presented in a range of formats and then ensured the client could integrate this into their website, providing header images and online banners.

And the result? Well, we have a happy client... as happy as a pig in a you know what!

This is the first time that CRC CARE has commissioned an infographic, and we’re very pleased with the result. Feedback has been very positive, and the product does a great job of presenting quite a bit of information in an easy-to-understand, memorable way. Ecocreative were very easy to work with, and the process for arriving at the final version was quick and painless!
Adam Barclay, Communications Manager

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