Airport recycling adventure

Ecocreative's interactive waste display announced the launch of Adelaide Airport's new recycling and waste system. The light-hearted educational installation centres around the topic of waste and resource management.

One challenge was the need to appeal to a wide social, cultural and age demographic. With one of the new bins positioned centrally as the feature, the display engages both children and adults, encouraging them to walk the journey of each of the three waste streams as they learn about what happens after something leaves its bin. The display allows waiting travellers to pass the time by exploring what happens to something after they have thrown it into the (correct) bin. After all, who doesn't want to know what a mineral water bottle becomes in the next life?

Ecocreative's sustainable design approach underpinned the whole project. Signage uprights were made from thick, recycled cardboard and printed with eco-inks, while bases were re- used from existing display infrastructure. And when time is up? Display panels can be re- used at events and as wall signage, living on well after recycling has become a natural part of this busy international hub. Once they've reached the end of their useful life, the signs themselves can be recycled.

The displays were complemented by brochures with child-focused games along with 'table talkers', miniaturised versions of the freestanding displays that sit where people consume food and drink on the go.

Adelaide Airport won the Property Council of Australia (SA) award for Environmental Innovation, with the new recycling system and the its interpretation being the centrepiece.

Best of all, there are now fewer departures from the airport for landfill than ever before!


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