RESAP: a new sustainability plan for regional councils

For councils in regional Australia there is often a contrast between the areas that need to managed and the resources to do the job well. It was therefore excellent to work with an alliance of eight small councils to integrate sustainability planning and action and produce RESAP, a Regional Sustainability Action Plan for eight councils in New South Wales.

This project followed on from a highly successful Environmental Sustainability Action Plan for Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo councils, something of a trailblazing project in regional sustainability strategy and action planning. Alongside a(nother) environmental consultant, Ecocreative was contracted to develop a regional environmental sustainability action plan for eight councils in New South Wales.

We developed a distinct RESAP brand identity, comprised of octagonal shapes representing the councils involved and showcased this brand along with the main themes and action plans. Central to this were co-facilitated sessions with community stakeholders in Cowra and Peake.

Incorporating this valuable insight, we refined the plan, concentrating on clear themes and structure supported by inviting photography, illustrations and easy-to-read text. And of course, in keeping with sustainability standards, we ensured that appropriate design and procurement approaches went right through the project, culminating in the use of recycled post-consumer Australian paper and printing under ISO14001 environmental management system.

To help make strategic regional actions more relevant to people in different councils, Ecocreative researched and mapped what had already been achieved by these enlightened local government organisations, linking them with key sustainability milestones for each council in a fold-up community summary that lends rather a cheerful feel to this impressive cooperative initiative.


Eight regional councils in NSW

Services delivered

• Strategic consulting
• Workshop facilitation
• Research
• Project management
• Creative direction
• Design
• Illustration
• Writing
• Editing
• Proofreading
• Production management