Water-wise children’s book

Ecocreative was contracted to develop a book that helped connect environmental issues with positive attitudes to water use.

To keep with an early childhood focus, Ecocreative wrote, illustrated and designed the book to tell the sad story from the perspective of a tiny migratory bird. We also developed a targeted education resource for teachers and caregivers.

The book has been hugely successful with readers of all ages and has really helped raise awareness (and stimulate creativity) in our school system. The book was recently selected for the Premier's Reading Challenge. Stocks are almost sold out, though visit this little website for a sneak preview or to place an order. (A deluxe edition is on the cards, so watch this space). Rusty Loses His Loop is also available through Angus & Robertson bookstores.

Download the education resource for teachers and care-givers



Services delivered

• Research
• Project management
• Creative direction
• Design
• Illustration
• Writing
• Editing
• Proofreading
• Production management




Rusty Book P4