Shift to Nature: an ethical, organic brand identity and website

If we're lucky, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. If we're even luckier, we also get in a bit of yoga. And as luck would have it, the owners of Shift to Nature approached Ecocreative to bring their brand to life and a shop for organic and ethical woven products online.

When it comes to fabrics, and as their name suggests, Shift to Nature are focused on a movement to something more sustainable than what is normally run off the mill*.

Their bedding is manufactured to Australian bed sizes from organically certified cotton and they source the most comfortable yoga wear made from organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. Shift to Nature products (carrying a range of international certifications) are great alternatives to those that have flooded the market, many made from lycra and other plastic fabrics, dyed with harmful chemicals, that don't breathe and that are potentially irritable to the skin.

As they say, 'we turned to Ecocreative to create a brand to showcase our products and their virtues and to convey our purpose'. Their challenge to us was to create a brand that holds its own alongside the highly branded mainstream retail giants, that at the same time to conveys their hight ethical standards while supporting a good online retail experience.

We researched ecommerce platforms and then (much like bedding or active wear!) tailored one to fit the Shift to Nature brand elements, creating something visually spot-on that would be easy to operate from a merchant perspective and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

We love partnering with (other) ethical entrepreneurs. Gathering from what they have to say below, we think the feeling is mutual!

*Please forgive the awful pun.

Ecocreative created a beautiful visual in the logo and brand assets inspired by the weaving pattern of textiles, created a strong contemporary identity that also holds with tradition and legacy of human weaving, looming and sewing processes. The swing tags look elegant attached to yoga wear and they double as a business card - smart, hey?! The combination of all of these elements was brought together to create a beautiful, functional and very usable retail website.
Sonja Bar-am, Owner

Visit the Shift to Nature online store.


Shift to Nature

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