Sustainability at the Summit: green retrofitting explained

Most of Adelaide's homes were built before minimum building standards were introduced... so how can homeowners introduce sustainable features without demolishing and starting over?

The Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre, or 'The Summit', was built in the 1970s. Conscious of the fact that this community hub building was underachieving in several sustainable aspects, the Adelaide Hills Council decided to view this as a positive and take the opportunity to educate homeowners to retrofit their older houses to promote sustainability.

Ecocreative was called in to develop an identification system to be applied throughout the building, showing which features had been retained and improved, with a colour- and icon-coding system. After a site inspection, our designs couldn't help but draw inspiration from a palette of 1970s hues and lino-cut imagery to reflect the building's 'retro' origins.

We called the project 'Sustainability at the Summit' and worked to what we sometimes call a 'barefoot budget'. In addition to a labelling system, provided to the client as a sheet of simple stickers, a poster near the entrance and brochures were developed to guide visitors through the coded system, and provide more details. As part of the design, we scouted one of the few remaining real-estate illustrators in the Adelaide region to recreate a likeness of the centre in a dying art form that was so prominent only decades ago.

Brand new, but retro!


Adelaide Hills Natural Resource Centre

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