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We're proud of our work over the years in being part of creating great brands for lovely people. Our recent brand identity for ethical investment company, Sustained Advice, is part of this broad family of work.

The ethical investment sector's sustainability has been demonstrated by its steady growth over recent years. We were inspired by our client's commitment to responsible investment when we took on the task of developing a great brand identity.

In our many conversations, we spoke about the idea of wealth and why this was not always a negative thing. In fact, wealth built on an ethical approach is actually a big plus for people and planet. From this conversation, we developed a graphic that evokes the 'triple bottom line' so often spoken about in the sustainability realm and made the statement plain: Sustained Advice is about 'wealth creation, protection and preservation'.

As a provider of professional financial services, it was important that Sustained Advice's credentials in the corporate environment were reinforced by a crisp, businesslike logotype. The sharp, solid typeface has a steadying feel, and the integration of a ladder formed by the two stacked Es (or triple bottom lines) helps evoke the rows in a spreadsheet, something very much associated with financial planning.

As Sustained Advice's approach is towards lifelong ethical advice and investment, we wanted to consider the important periods in people's lives. This led to the idea of a nest, linking in so well to the idea of nurturing childhood (which might be linked to establishing a family trust or 'college fund' through to retirement and the all-important nest egg).

This motif also became an important part of the brand story, with the hero of the business card and web page coming from the client's own garden, nestled in the scrubby hills.

We're sure Sustained Advice will have a long and happy life, just like their clients.

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