The new TACSI: a fresh look at social innovation in Australia

The complexity of facing some of the biggest challenges we have as a society and collaboratively designing better ways to better outcomes for everyone is the work of TACSI, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation.

Social innovation is something TACSI does brilliantly, but before our work with them began, levels of brand recognition were low, many people mistook this not-for-profit consultancy for a government body and just talking about what social innovation means for Australia, in practical terms, was proving really, really hard!

Given that our clients were all specialists in social work, human-centred design and business models for social enterprise, nothing followed any kind of brief or template that could apply to any but the most complex and conscientious organisation. They needed to work with people who could understand them and the issues they face and keep things moving, leaving room for things to continue to evolve. So, naturally, they thought Ecocreative could be the perfect partner!

We started with discussions about what wasn’t working with their rebranding process and started to take this on as a studio. We held mini-workshops with TACSI’s leadership team about how strategy and services could be talked about with new partners and people. We even got to know some of their clients through facilitating a talk-show style event that explored what innovation really means (and how much it challenges the status quo). And of course, we worked hard to maintain a balance between our tried and (often) tested phased approach and our client’s dedicated commitment to prototyping, testing and redesigning.

We’ve grown to know that great design is always more than what people see, the end product of a creative process. It’s how people are involved in making something meaningful, in how we navigate our most important relationships together. It’s about the personality of an organisation, how the words it uses to explain itself sound to anyone. How do they want people to feel? How does this look? People are at the heart of everything TACSI does, so we were determined to ensure that this rang true with every aspect of our work.

I want to say a very big thank you for our new website (and branding). TACSI has been on a huge journey over the past year and a half and this represents something very significant for us. It's important to me that my team feel a sense of pride and purpose in all they do. Last Thursday night when our website went live I saw 22 happy faces with a renewed sense of energy and excitement for our work and sharing it with the world. We are truly grateful.
Carolyn Curtis, CEO

Through this relationship, we’re proud to say that we strategically and iteratively built up a brand identity, comprehensive guidelines, tools, templates and a storytelling approach for TACSI that they’re proud to show off across everything they do: in their workshops, events and presentations; on their website and throughout their social media channels; in reports, short publications, signage, stationery, video, business cards -- anywhere and anyhow the people of TACSI or their message needed to be all over Australia and across the international social innovation networks where their work and their integrity are acknowledged as world class.

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The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

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