UNSW’s first sustainability report: many stories (and lots of data) shared online

We worked closely with UNSW, one of nation’s largest universities, to launch their first ever sustainability report online, making them the first in Australia’s Group of Eight to do so.

This work needed to go well beyond just documenting the organisation’s accountability against a framework (in this instance the Global Reporting Index). Everyone involved, including the entire Ecocreative team, needed to embrace the opportunity to tell some stories about the people behind affirmative sustainability action. We also teased out some of the detail behind the data in researching and designing 12 infographics that present some of the big issues in the context of campus life.

The sustainability report is significant in many ways, not least because it links right back to a strategic workshop we facilitated with people of this 50,000-strong university where we explored what sustainability means for the brand and the people behind it. The mantra, ‘Live, learn and work sustainably’ became our creative catch-cry and we helped our client craft content for an online sustainability website, working within the vast information and bureaucratic architecture of a modern-day university.

We established a strong structure, channelling content in two major areas: Environment and Community, making it clear that sustainability is about much more than waste, energy and water management right from the navigation design. We kept messages clear, the language easy-to-read and curated or created the right kind of imagery, data visualisations and short stories that helped make connections between UNSW’s impressive research and its many initiatives on the ground (often with the help of an engaged volunteer base).

Ecocreative have added amazing value, fully immersing themselves in research, and developing original approaches to problem solving and concept development. They have a unique flair for coming up with beautiful, elegant ideas with positive messages that really engage our community.
Aaron Magner, Director Safety & Sustainability

After wide consultation across the uni, many reworkings, rewordings and revisions what seemed an age we worked with a marketing people with in-house networks and developed a communications strategy (with a social media plan) built around shareable content and broad engagement across the sustainability and tertiary education sector. We helped this along with a nifty brochure and email newsletter that summarise some of the sustainability achievements of UNSW (though for us, the major achievement is releasing the report!).

Explore the sustainability report online


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